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Shannon Guggenheim

Featured Mom, March 2012: Shannon Guggenheim

"I never know what to write in the "occupation" blank on the dentist or eye doctor forms because, like most people doing their best to make a living in the performing arts, I wear a lot of hats to make ends meet. In my perfect world, I'd write "Professional Actor/Playwright," since most weekends of the year, I'm on stage as an actor at The Retro Dome (www.theretrodome.com) in San Jose, CA. However, acting doesn't pay the bills, so my performing arts career is supplemented with my role as Producer/Marketing Director for the company..."

Read more about Shannon Guggenheim...

Terri Friedlander

Featured Mom, February 2012: Terri Friedlander

"I've dabbled with a notable list of job titles in my career from Information Technology Director to teacher to college professor. I've been working since I graduated college in the 1980's and am proud of my Master's Degree and Certifications. I have a passion for computers, music and writing.

I decided to share my five year, bittersweet journey to motherhood in my novel Chasing Her Destiny, recently published and available on Amazon and the Kindle. It's based on my desire to leave the fast lane of New York City and start a family..."

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Audra Fordin

Featured Mom, January 2012: Audra Fordin

"Audra's mission is to empower women of all ages to be safe, confident consumers, drivers and passengers. With the automobile as her instrument for notoriety, she has a legion of fans and continues to successfully grow a four-generation auto repair family business. Audra has received many recognitions from industry, (1st recipient "female auto shop owner of the year 2011) community, (city Citations and awards of merit) government, (NYC small business of the year 2011) and not for profits (outstanding girl scout troop leader of the year 2011) for her outstanding achievements and community service. She has an iPhone application available on iTunes, a DVD, a girls glove box guide, and a book due for completion in April..."

Read more about Audra Fordin...

Lori Hamilton

Featured Mom, December 2011: Lori Hamilton

"I am a former teacher turned BIT/s Practitioner. I use various Brain Integration Techniques to remove stress from circuits in the brain by using acupressure points, kinesiology, and healing energy. I get to work with children, teens, and adults who want to remove obstacles from their emotional, educational, and physical success. I specialize in adoption related issues since my passion is to help people touched by adoption find peace! Adoption can affect the brain's development and certainly the heart's emotions and sense of security..."

Read more about Lori Hamilton...

Wendy Beckett

Featured Mom, November 2011: Wendy Beckett

"Wendy has written more than 25 plays (all staged) and directed more than 40 in England, France, Scotland, Australia and New York. A native of Australia, she has also written radio plays for the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) and conducted interviews for ABC with some of the best minds of our time, including Leonard Bernstein, Yehudi Menuhin and Martha Graham. At age of 22, she founded her own women's theatre company, "Colours Inc" and brought to the stage several plays that toured Australia, most notably Without Limits-Isadora Duncan, Anais Nin-One of Her Lives, Claudel, Losing My Religion, Love Therapy and Refugees... "

Read more about Wendy Beckett...

Luanne Rice

Featured Mom, October 2011: Luanne Rice

"LUANNE RICE is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty-nine novels, most recently The Silver Boat. The author of Beach Girls, Crazy in Love and Cloud Nine, Rice's books often center on love, family, nature and the sea, and have been translated into twenty-four languages. Several have been adapted for television. She has contributed a theatrical piece to the new off Broadway play Motherhood Out Loud. Rice is a passionate environmentalist and is involved with Georgetown University Law Center's Domestic Violence Clinic. Born in New Britain, Connecticut, Rice divides her time between New York City and Old Lyme, Connecticut in the house where she spent all her childhood summers... "

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Leslie Ayvazian

Featured Mom, September 2011: Leslie Ayvazian

"I teach playwriting to graduate students at Columbia University.  I also lead several independent writing classes in a private studio in mid-town Manhattan.  I continue to write full length and one-act plays.  Currently a one-act play of mine – THERE YOU ARE – is having a run as a radio play on National Public Radio with Olympia Dukakis and Maria Tucci.  Another one-act play – DEAF DAY – has been made into a short film in Damascus, Syria.  My one-woman show HIGH DIVE has recently completed successful runs in Poland and in Slovakia......"

Read more about Leslie Ayvazian...

Bruce Sallan

Featured Dad, August 2011: Bruce Sallan

"Like many women with a biological time clock, I felt much the same. I never wanted to be a father late in life, but that is how it turned out. My first son was born 4 days after my 40th birthday and my second shortly before my 43rd. The irony was that I had always vowed to have kids earlier because my parents were "older" parents at 34 and 37...."

Read more about Bruce Sallan...

Claudia Spahr

Featured Mom, July 2011: Claudia Spahr

"My reasons for becoming a mother later are the classic ones. I had a string of dysfunctional relationships in my twenties and thirties with men whose sense of family, responsibility and commitment were practically adolescent. I thought I was ‘ready’ to become a mom in my early thirties..."

Read more about Claudia Spahr...

Elizabeth Allen

Featured Mom, June 2011: Elizabeth Allen

"I could say it was in my dna because my mom was 39 when she had me, or that I waited to be established in my chosen career, but that would be taking the easy way out. Truth is, I was in a lot of highly dysfunctional relationships throughout my twenties. I was engaged three times and ran away three times (not quite at the altar, but close...)"

Read more about Elizabeth Allen...

Teresa Strasser

Featured Mom, May 2011: Teresa Strasser

"It wasn't so much my decision as it was fate's. I didn't meet my husband until I was 36, and until I met him, I never really thought seriously about being a parent. After meeting my husband, I was suddenly intent on starting a family..."

Read more about Teresa Strasser...

Joy Rose

Featured Mom, April 2011: Joy Rose

"My first child was born when I was 32. My last, a daughter, when I was 37. I was passionately engaged in the music scene in New York City and married my husband just after filming a video for MTV..."

Read more about Joy Rose...

Borra Garson

Featured Mom, March 2011: Borra Garson

"To be honest I didn't think that starting at 37 was "late in life", though having my son at 40 definitely felt late! My career up to then kept me very occupied without much thought to starting a family..."

Read more about Borra Garson...

Cynara Coomer

Featured Mom, February 2011: Dr. Cynara Coomer

"It wasn't a conscious decision to become a mom later in life. I waited a long time to meet the right guy, but I certainly did. I had to kiss a lot of frogs to get to this point in my life..."

Read more about Dr. Cynara Coomer...

Patty Chang Anker

Featured Mom, January 2011: Patty Chang Anker

"I became a mom at age 31 when we adopted G, and again at age 36 when we adopted R. That doesn’t sound late, but it was 5 years behind schedule. If that sounds a little Type A, it was..."

Read more about Patty Chang Anker...

Karen Salmansohn

Featured Mom, December 2010: Karen Salmansohn

"A combination of wanting to wait because I have a passion for my career which I wanted to keep exploring – plus the inability to get pregnant. I ultimately did IVF and it worked on the first try..."

Read more about Karen Salmansohn...

Deb Capone

Featured Mom, November 2010: Deb Capone

"As my 40th birthday was looming, I knew that if I wanted to be a parent the 'right time' was 'right then'. At this juncture, I wanted to build a family -- either biologically or though adoption. After some soul searching, it was clear that adoption was the right choice for me..."

Read more about Deb Capone...

Darryle Pollack

Featured Mom, October 2010: Darryle Pollack

" I wasn’t one of these women who always knew she wanted kids. I thought I was missing the maternity gene - I didn’t know what to do with babies..."

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Jenn Berman

Featured Mom, September 2010: Dr. Jenn Berman

" I don’t really think of myself as a later mom, just a mom. It was really important to me that I be established in my career before I became a parent..."

Read more about Jenn Berman...

Aliza Sherman

Featured Mom, August 2010: Aliza Sherman

" I wasn't in a hurry to get married. I was focused on my work, and it wasn't until I was in my late 30s that I met and fell in love with a wonderful man and got married. Then I lost my first three pregnancies, spending over two years in the emotional, physical and medical labyrinth of miscarriage..."

Read more about Aliza Sherman...

Terrie Williams

Featured Mom, July 2010: Dana Wood

" I consider myself an “accidental mommy.” Not because of a lack of birth control, but rather just because I simply didn’t get married until I was 40. For me, finding a life partner seemed like a big-enough hurdle; I really wasn’t thinking about much beyond that..."

Read more about Dana Wood...

Terrie Williams

Featured Mom, June 2010: Lori Beneyton

" I didn't get married until I was 39, and had always wanted to face parenthood with a partner. We tried to get pregnant immediately, but after about a year of trying and a couple of early miscarriages, we had a fertility workup and discovered my husband had a balanced chromosomal translocation..."

Read more about Lori Beneyton...

Terrie Williams

Featured Mom, May 2010: Terrie Williams

" I met Roc when he was sixteen and I was 39. I was organizing a mentoring program for young men at the time, and his family life was so full of insurmountable challenges that I took him in and supported him through college. He had such a powerful life force and I felt connected to him almost immediately..."

Read more about Terrie Williams...

Mary Carlomagno

Featured Mom, April 2010: Mary Carlomagno

" My decision to settle down with a family is a direct result of being a career driven person who put work above most everything else. I loved the single life and my independence and really enjoyed travel and taking care of myself..."

Read more about Mary Carlomagno...

Dani Shapiro

Featured Mom, March 2010: Dani Shapiro

" I didn't think of myself as becoming a mother late in life, mostly because I lived at the time in New York City, where it seemed everyone was having babies in their late thirties and early forties. I was thirty-six years old and recently married when the desire to have a child hit me over the head..."

Read more about Dani Shapiro...

Cory Kahaney

Featured Mom, February 2010: Cory Kahaney

" You know it's not my nature to be sappy but I did it for love. My husband had never had children in his first marriage (we were both divorced when we met). Now when I say I did it for love, we're talking L-O-V-E..."

Read more about Cory Kahaney...

Susie Essman

Featured Mom, January 2010: Susie Essman

" I never wanted kids. I didn’t not want them, but I didn’t actively want them. Certainly not enough to become a single mother as a few friends had done. I hadn’t met anyone who I wanted to marry and begin a family with and wasn’t willing to pick some guy to marry just so he could be a donor..."

Read more about Susie Essman...

Vicki Abelson

Featured Mom, December 2009: Vicki Abelson

" I was career driven in my twenties and most of my thirties-–an actress / comedian, then a rock n' roll promoter and publicist. The hours and the lifestyle did not lend itself to motherhood..."

Read more about Vicki Abelson...

Rachel Loshak

Featured Mom, November 2009: Rachel Loshak

" I never felt ready to have children any sooner, in my relationship with Morgan, in my career or in my own sense of self..."

Read more about Rachel Loshak...

Candi Carter

Featured Mom, October 2009: Marissa Jaret Winokur

" I was diagnosed with cancer at age 27 and got married at age 33 so with these circumstances in place, it just ended up being the right time for me! I feel like anytime is a good time to have a child, its all about when the parents are ready for the huge lifestyle change..."

Read more about Marissa Jaret Winokur...

Candi Carter

Featured Mom, September 2009: Candi Carter

"" I had my first child at 33 years old. I was young and excited to bring a new baby into the world. After a completely uneventful pregnancy, my son was born with several physical issues including open-heart surgery at 10 months old..."

Read more about Candi Carter...

Janice Lieberman

Featured Mom, August 2009: Janice Lieberman

" I had a great professional life and found myself without a husband or children. It seemed like I had been trying to attain all that but wasn't going about it the right way. I quickly got engaged, married and went for help trying to conceive..."

Read more about Janice Lieberman...

Carol Leifer

Featured Mom, July 2009: Carol Leifer

" I thought that I would never have children but motherhood really became a calling to my partner, Lori, after being together for ten years. I saw how very important it was to her, so we became parents at ages much older than women normally do. Lori was 43 and I was 50..."

Read more about Carol Leifer...

Emma Walton Hamilton

Featured Mom, June 2009: Emma Walton Hamilton

" I've been a bit of a late bloomer all my life. My husband and I were both busy pursuing careers in the theatre when we met, and I was 28 by the time we got married. That same year, we decided to relocate and start our own theatre, which in many ways became our first child. There was a good deal of building and settling to do before we felt ready to have a family..."

Read more about Emma Walton Hamilton...

Lenore Skenazy

Featured Mom, May 2009: Lenore Skenazy

" My husband has a genetic disease we didn't want our kids to inherit. We kept waiting for science to decode the gene and figure out a way we didn't have to pass it along. Ten years into our marriage, science came through -- with the help of brilliant geneticist Dr. Petros Tsipouras..."

Read more about Lenore Skenazy...

Susan Konig

Featured Mom, April 2009: Susan Konig

" My philosophy is that you never know what life is going to hand you. I always thought I would be a mom but never imagined having four kids which, by many modern standards, is a lot. I say that because, any time I describe my family as being large at an event or an online chat, I am always inundated with emails and letters from people with REALLY big families..."

Read more about Susan Konig...

Lisa Mathews

Featured Mom, March 2009: Lisa Mathews

" Unlike some, I felt that my life would be happy with or without a child. My husband and I felt no extreme desperation. We didn't feel our lives would be any less fulfilled if we didn't have a "family." But we also thought how wonderful it would be to share a life..."

Read more about Lisa Mathews...

Rene Syler

Featured Mom, February 2009: René Syler

" I was married to my career for many, many years. In fact, I did not get married until I was almost 31 years old. I had Casey at 33 and my (13 years older) husband and I knew that if we wanted another child, it would have to be a pretty quick turn around..."

Read more about René Syler...

Denise McDonald Dorman

Featured Mom, January 2009: Denise McDonald Dorman

" I didn't get married to my husband Dave Dorman until age 39 (he was 44), so having a child wasn't really something I counted on, but I hoped we would have a child one day..."

Read more about Denise McDonald Dorman...

Barbara AdlerFeatured Mom, December 2008: Barbara Adler

" I was married at age 31. I have the "hindsight" now, that it was a very smart thing for me to do. I know, if I had married in my 20's, I would have likely made a poor choice. I knew I wanted to spend a little time with my husband as a couple before having children. Then, when it was "time" it didn't come easily..."

Read more about Barbara Adler...

Mary GardnerFeatured Mom, October/November 2008: Mary Gardner

" I always knew I would have children. I thought I’d probably have five kids because I loved kids so much! But when I was married the first time, I couldn’t see having children with my then husband and then I remarried at about age 32..."

Read more about Mary Gardner...

Adrienne BarbeauFeatured Mom, Fall 2008: Adrienne Barbeau, 63

"I think the challenges stemmed from having twins much more so than being older.  Both my pregnancies were great; I felt great; I carried to term; I delivered naturally without any drugs."

Read more about Adrienne Barbeau...

Rita RudnerFeatured Mom July 2008: Rita Rudner, 54

"The biggest challenge I faced turning fifty was saying it out loud. In fact, I couldn’t actually say it out loud until I was fifty-two. Being in your fifties increases your challenge of staying relevant in today’s society. I decided I could make my book relevant by pointing out my irrelevance."

Read more about Rita Rudner...
Melissa ErricoFeatured Mom June 2008: Melissa Errico, 37

"I am a singer and recording artist (and Mom), with an extensive theatrical background on Broadway and off-Broadway, as well as a concert singer currently touring the country with symphonies, and with my own pop-jazz band at venues like the Cafe Carlyle, Birdland Jazz and Joe's Pub. My debut CD was on Capitol Records and my second solo album will be released April 29th, 2008 on Velour/Universal Records - a CD called "Lullabies and Wildflowers" dedicated to mothers."

Read about Melissa Errico... 

Liz GFeatured Mom Spring 2008: Liz Gumbinner, 39

Freelance writer and columnist, but online she says she is best known as the voice of parenting blog Mom-101 [mom-101.blogspot.com] and the co-editor of the popular shopping and review blog for parents, CoolMomPicks.com.

Read about Liz Gumbinner...

Featured Mom Winter 2008: Elizabeth Gregory, 50

Director of the Women’s Studies Program, Associate Professor of English, University of Houston; Author, Ready: Why Women Are Embracing the New Later Motherhood

Read about Elizabeth...

Featured Mom Winter 2007/2008: Nancy Grant, 52

Deputy Editor, AARP Magazine

Read about Nancy ...

Featured Mom November 2007: Joanna Brody, 43

Owner of Brody Public Relations in Los Angeles.

Read about Joanna...

Featured Mom October 2007: Aleta St. James, 60

Author and motivational speaker with a busy private healing practice in N.Y., L.A. and San Francisco.

Read about Aleta ...

allison weiss brady

Featured Mom September 2007: Allison Weiss Brady, 36

Philanthropist/socialite/venture capitalist with homes in Miami & New York City

Read about Allison ...




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